Hardware Options

Hardware Options:
At ELB we know that everyone has different preference when it comes to the finishing touches of their accessories and that is why we offer a variety of hardware options for you. 
  • Soft Nylon Headbands:
Our nylon headbands are high quality with a great amount of stretch and excellent recovery. They fit most kids from newborn to 7+ years old. They are perfect for newborn babies, infants and toddlers with fine hair. We proudly offer SIX different neutral shades: black, chocolate, mocha, tan nude, ivory/cream and white. 
  • Alligator Clip with Teeth (single or double prong):
The alligator clip is 45mm and perfect for all hair types. The rigid teeth on the top part of the clip provide with great hold and makes it perfect for more active girls. 
  • Non-slip Clips (single or double prong):
The non-slip clip comes with a non-slip grip (can be white or transparent) that is permanently attached to the top part of the clip and it perfect for all hair types but specially girls with fine hair. 
  • Elastic Ponytail Holders:
Another fun option for older girls on the move. We only use non-metal ouch-less ponytails from the Goody brand.
  • Silver Metal Headband (additional charge):
The metal headband is perfect for older girls that want their bows to stand and make a statement. 
  • Keychains (additional charge):
Thinking of turning one of our accessories into a key chain? We offer that option too. Choose from gold, silver, rose gold, or gunmetal.