About Us

What is Elisa's Little Blossoms?
Elisa's Little Blossoms is my second baby. ELB for short, is a home based small shop that specializes in handmade hair accessories and other little pretties for the princesses of your life. 
Meet the Maker!
My name is Beatriz and I am the mom boss behind the scenes, planning, designing, cutting, sewing, assembling, processing and shipping all of your orders. Right now this is a one-woman show and I also work full time for a local Insurance Agency. I mostly work on ELB at night and during the weekends to deliver you a quality product that you will be proud to show off. While my vision for the shop is continuously evolving, mission is and always will be to help you create wonderful memories with in all of our bows and other curated accessories. I am passionate about this small business and proud of my craftsmanship because you deserve only the BEST. 
How did it all start?
Elisa's Little Blossoms was established in February of 2017 with the love and support of family and friends. When I found out I was having a baby girl, I decided I wanted to make my own headbands and bows so she always had a piece of mom with her. I then discovered that I had a passion for crafting. Our guest room became my storage for fabrics, ribbons, appliqués, buttons, you name it. When my family and friends asked where I get Elisa's hair accessories and I told them they were handcrafted by me, they encouraged me to open a shop and share that passion with other moms out there. That is how Elisa's Little Blossoms came to be. Since my daughter is my muse and inspiration, it was only fit to name the shop after her. This journey has barely started, but the love and support have been nothing short of amazing.
Want to be part of the ELBs' family?
Join our VIP Facebook group and share the love with us. You will also get early access to sales, giveaways and more. Lots of sneak peeks and fun activities to win cart passes and shop credit!