About Us

'Comfortable and versatile hair accessories that are high quality and long-lasting so you can say goodbye to bad hair days.'
Elisa’s Little Blossoms is a brand that focuses on creating and sourcing the highest quality and most comfortable hair accessories. 
Fashion and accessories are a way of self expression and our accessories are designed to make you and your sweet babes feel beautiful and comfortable every day. We want to be a part of your memories and those special moments that are cherished forever. 
At Elisa’s Little Blossoms, we believe that the perfect hair accessory  can take your outfit and look from a solid ten to an ELEVEN and that is what we are here for. 
From beautiful bows, to fun clips, to the cutest scrunchies and softest headwraps we offer a large variety of hair accessories so there is something for everyone, we even have some matching pieces, how cool is that?
All of our bows, headwraps, headbands, and most clips are handmade by myself and other women across the US. 
Elisa’s Little Blossoms is a brand that was born from the dream of a new stay at home mom. She started to hand-make bows for her sweet little girl and took a leap of faith to share her creations with other girl moms. The vision for the brand has evolved with the years however we are still committed to bring you the FINEST and HIGHEST QUALITY accessories.
Elisa’s Little Blossoms is a home-based brand located in Tolleson (a small city right outside of the Phoenix area). We strive to provide you with a remarkable customer experience, the latest trends in hair accessories and unique styles and designs. Whether you are shopping for your babes or yourself, we promise to always have the perfect hair accessory so you both look radiant and comfortable. 
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