Get to know our Bows

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of bows in different styles and sizes and most of them are named after our Brand Reps and very special little babies. 
This is our Adalynn or Addy for short, Glitter Bow. The classic size measures about 3.5" by 3". 
Harper Bow {Best Seller for ELB} is a beautiful 3.5" bow that has a wow factor you will love. Often times it is also available as pigtail sets (without the tails). 
AVA Bow, a personal favorite of mine. We offer this style in single and double stacked (as pictured) and it measures about 3.25" in length. The perfect size for itty bitty babies and older girls. 
Evannys's Butterflies come in three different sizes (pictured is the large one). Large is about 3" by 3", medium is about 2.5" by 2.25" and the smaller one is about 2" by 2.25". 
Emma Bow is absolutely beautiful and also comes in single and double stacked (pictured). It also comes in a medium and small size every so often. This one pictured measures about 3.5" and we have plans to bring this style in other sizes up to 6" long. 
Our popular snap clips, now Elaina Clips, are very sought after because of their versatility. They are the perfect touch to any hair style and super easy when on the go to control them bangs. 
Nico bow (you might recognize this shape/style already wink wink). This beauty measures about 4.25" and also comes in single and double stacked (most commonly in double). 
The ALLANA bow is one of our newest additions to the shop and has been a hit ever since. It measures about 4" in length and it is pure perfection. 
Brielle Bow, aka Brielle Faux leather bow, it is very similar in its construction and shape to the Addy Glitter Bow, but Brielle bows are made out of VEGAN faux leather and measure about  3.5" by 3". 
Charlie bow; this teeny tiny little friend is so dainty and perfect for newborns and as pigtail sets measuring just about 2.5". 
Dainty Flower crowns. Every so often we bring these tiny little crowns to the shop and they fly by, no need to explain why, judge yourself!
The magnificent GIANNA bow. If you love big bows, this baby was made just for you. It measures about 5.25" and it is pure perfection, but I am biased, right?
ELENA bow, another majestic bow that measures 5.5" and has a beautiful and dreamy shape. 
Dela Glitter Felt bows or Dela bow for short. This bow is a true stunner and another best seller here at ELB. They are made out of high quality 100% wool felt with a layer of fine glitter on top. 
Our Signature Blossoms. A little back story, when I first started, this was the one and only style we offered and so the shop was named after my precious daughter, Elisa and well, blossoms was only fitting. I always dreamt of little girls that are blossoming and shinning with their personalities to carry one of these. We eventually expanded to other styles, but blossoms brought us here and here they stay. 
Classic Twist Bow is another beauty, that while more simple, carries that wow factor with it. 
Shiloh Luxe Velvet Handtied Bows. We introduced them to the shop this past Fall and they were a huge hit. We carry these from itty bitty (2") all the way up for Deluxe (7.5"). 
Lexi Bow is a beautiful and larger version of our Brielle faux leather bows. It is double sided and looks bigger and chubbier if you will and measures about 4.5" by 3" tall.